Access media-rich interactive fixed layout ePUB3 ebooks

Friday 2014-09-19 03:20:00

Access media-rich interactive fixed layout ePUB3 ebooks with uniform user experience across iOS, Android, Web, Windows PC and Mac.

Today ebooks are not merely a transformation of traditional printed books into its digital form. The ePUB3 standards from IDPF and the advent of mobile devices such as Smartphones, eReaders and Tablets, have set high expectations for ebooks particularly for the ebooks of STM (Scientific, Technical and Mathematical) in nature. In educational space, it is increasing becoming a mandatory requirement to have the ebooks created with more and more engaging and interactive media.

To tap these growing opportunities; publishers and content owners prefer to enhance their ebooks with more bells and whistles offered within the framework of ePUB3 standards. But, the availability of broad spectrum of devices and platforms makes it complex to have single version of media rich ePUB3 ebook supported and provide uniform user experience across all these platforms and devices. To overcome this challenge, publishers and content owners are forced to stick with any specific devices and platforms or have multiple versions of ebooks created

The Lektz reader apps that are available for iOS, Android, Web, Windows PC and Mac have come up with a major update this week. With this new update, Lektz supports multimedia rich and interactive ePUB3 standard of ebooks both free-flow and fixed layout formats. Since Lektz reader apps are available for all the platforms, the users can have uniform user experience irrespective of the devices and platforms they use. While supporting the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept, Lektz also provides a Cloud Sync feature that helps users save their data (Notes, Highlights, Annotations, Bookmarks) on the cloud and access them anytime, anywhere, on any device and on any platform.

Lektz being a solution from AEL Data Services, a company specialises in content conversion and accessibility services, it emphasizes on supporting multi-lingual ebooks whether they are of Left-To-Right script languages (English, German, Spanish, French, etc.), Right-To-Left script languages (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu, etc.) or Top-To-Bottom script languages (Chinese), and Accessibility by means of providing the Media Overlay feature and built-in Dyslexic Font.

To showcase and demonstrate some of the capabilities of Lektz reader apps, a sample ebook “The most interactive ePUB3” is offered to download for free within the Lektz reader apps.

For iOS -
For Android -

Note: The sample ebook “The Most Interactive ePUB3” is created by AEL Data Services exclusively for Lektz reader apps.

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