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Wednesday, 2015-03-04 07:23:41 | Written by Malarvizhi

The invention of the Smartphones and Tablets has created a new medium for book publishing. Interactive books are everywhere, and have revolutionized the way people consume the printed word. With the advent of new mobile technologies (HTML5) and the epublishing standards (ePUB3),encompasses significant improvisations in making eBooks more interactive and multimedia-rich, thereby, enabling the content providers to explore new ways of delivering content.

While EPUB3 has provided the standards for developing rich and engaging ebooks, it will not achieve mainstream adoption till publishers adopt it, eReaders support them, and quality tooling is provided to help produce EPUB3 content.

The Lektz reader app is a step towards helping publishers make this transition by fully supporting content rendered in the EPUB3 format, that are available for iOS, Android, Web, Windows PC and Mac. The objective of Lektz is to provide complete support for content that is HTML5-based which includes CSS3 and JavaScript.

Lektz supports multimedia rich and interactive ePUB3 standard of ebooks in both free-flow and fixed layout formats. Since Lektz reader apps are available for all the platforms, the users can have uniform user experience irrespective of the devices and platforms they use. While supporting the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept, Lektz also provides a Cloud Sync feature that helps users save their data (Notes, Highlights, Annotations, Bookmarks) on the cloud and access them anytime, anywhere, on any device and on any platform.

Lektz being a product from AEL Data Services, a company specialises in content conversion and accessibility services, it emphasizes on supporting multi-lingual ebooks whether they are of Left-To-Right script languages (English, German, Spanish, French, etc.), Right-To-Left script languages (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu, etc.) or Top-To-Bottom script languages (Chinese), and Accessibility by means of providing the Media Overlay feature and built-in Dyslexic Font.

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