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The advent of a new standard.

The presence of EPUB has rallied the publishing industry to adopt and utilise this inexpensive and far reaching medium. The ramification of adopting EPUB has garnered the attention of the educational content publisher. Stepping into the world of electronic publishing they began to look for a standard that best suited the needs of their niche, thus was born EDUPUB.


What is this new Gold standard?

EDUPUB is specialized for content that is directed toward increasing learning outcomes over a wide user base across linguistic and semantic borders. It fulfils the need of educational content publishers to create content that can be customised to a wide array of learning parameters and languages by transcending the fixed layout limitations of the preceding standards.


Why isn’t it already in play?

Though EDUPUB seems like the answer every educational content publisher was praying for it brought out new concerns regarding effectively adopting this standard across the existing multiple mobile platforms and reaching a wide user base.


The prime concern being Digital Rights Management systems and e-reader apps of late don’t support EPUB3 to the fullest to ensure absolute piracy protection and prevent misuse by the end user.


EDUPUB poses an even greater concern as the same DRM support is terribly inadequate in the eyes of the weary educational content publisher making it challenging for them to move forward with adopting this new standard.


All is not lost.

AEL Data services LLP a company that works very closely with Educational content publishers in providing technological solutions has taken up this behemoth of a challenge and successfully garnered the perfect solution.


In closely working with said publishers AEL Data has a thorough understanding of the concerns they face and has found an all-encompassing solution in LEKTZ.


When LEKTZ takes the world of education by storm

AEL Data came up with Lektz, as an easy to use ebook reader application that ensures a pleasant reading experience; a new app where you could download eTextbooks and lectures of professors.


LEKTZ is designed to step into and handle the complex dynamics of interactive content. The objective is to provide full and complete support for content that is HTML5-based which includes CSS3 and JavaScript.


Since LEKTZ is designed with HTML5 based content in mind, it is not only capable of supporting older standards ePUB2, the current ePUB3 (free-flow and Fixed layout) but also any customized ePUb3 standard of e-books including the EDUPUB standard.


LEKTZ has dedicated itself to focus on proposing solutions that will create an environment where the concept of ‘students reading the content’ changes to ‘content reading the students’.


With features like a detailed list view of the books with easy sorting options, option to add notes to page, Auto Sync of bookmarks and notes, and the possibility to highlight selected text to name but a few, LEKTZ is definitely making a mark in the field of education.


Learning in the new era.

With publishers looking to EDUPUB as their new medium for creating and distributing interactive content LEKTZ acts as a firm hand that opens the doors to 21st century learning through the support of technology enhanced solution.

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